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The bake sale is off!
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Given that the place where I originally posted this devolved into a pissing match over some weirdo author, I'm reposting it here, where it might get a bigger airing.

I thought I could keep silent about this (I mean, surely someone else is upset by this), but I just can't, so I put it to you:

What the hell happened to Trent?

As a devoted Gwent supporter, it confuses and infuriates me that so many people have abandoned the pairing and support Duncan and Gwen (I can't bring myself to type out the portmanteau name because a. it doesn't roll off the tongue very well and b. it looks wrong).

For one thing, in discussions, it's D/G or D/C. In stories, it's D/C and D/G. It's like Trent never existed in the first place, and when writers deign to remember that he existed once upon a time, it's only to pair him with Courtney or have him crazy over nines.

On the first point, seriously? He and Courtney have never, ever interacted on the show. Besides a transparent need to pair the spares, what do these two have in common, besides nothing?

On the second point, I know no one with a brain could possibly take that 'nine' thing seriously, much less as canon. (That whole nine thing came out of nowhere and was handled by the TDA writers in a manner that the writers of "Danny Phantom" - masters of sacrificing character believability for quote-unquote "humor" - would consider idiotic and heavy-handed.)

And continuing on this point, on the off chance that people do - gulp! - take the 'nine' thing seriously, that's your excuse for putting Gwen with Duncan instead of Trent? Sierra is, at least, twenty times crazier (and far less likable) and, yet, no one will keep her away from Cody. Talk about your double standards.

I'm just here to remind people that Trent exists and deserves respect. Sadly, too many people have forgotten that.

(edit: 11/1/13 Changing the title and adding more griping; I don't have the heart to bump this entry from the front page. Unless I'm really outraged - or intrigued - by something else, expect this to stick around for a while.

Something I've noticed is that a lot of fanfictions feature Gwen dumping Trent like a sack of bricks to go to Duncan. Really, just break the poor guy's heart like that? Also, is it true what I think I've heard: that people are trying to make Gwen/The Malevolent One (one of the personalities of "Revenge's" Mike) a thing? So, let me be clear: people don't want Gwen to be with Trent, but they'll put her with someone who sounds like they could hurt her (seriously, look up the word 'malevolent')?!

So help me God, if I have to start punching people in the junk (or the taco) to get them to think straight, that's what's gonna happen.)
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